My Lola’s 75th Birthday! :)

27 Mar

Yesterday was the 75th Birthday of our ever dearest Lola. It was a fun-filled event shared with all my loved ones- my family, relatives, and Jon 🙂

The celebration was held on Scout Gandia street where we rented this very cozy-by-the-pool haven. I hosted the event, and I found it challenging, compared to some events I have hosted before- the thing was, I couldn’t think of games for this kind of party (75th bday), and the kids were busy swimming and going back and forth to the Chocolate Fountain set-up for them. So it was really a challenge to get everyone’s attention. Thanks to the videoke though, it kept everyone entertained 🙂

The food– very lip-smacking! When I looked at the visitors taking turns to get some munch-ons, I knew that the food was great! We had rice, pansit, baked mack, roast beef, pink salmon, tempura, lechon, salad, veggies, potato balls, chicken cordon bleu, cupcakes and caramel cakes for dessert– when I got my plate on the table, I whispered and said “dami ko ata nakuha..” haha! 🙂 The food was really delicious and appetizing. Yes, it was a bit costly but everyone really enjoyed and forgot their diet plans. Take note, I even whispered to Jon “ngayon na lang cheat day ko, instead bukas, pagpapalitin ko” J Wise enough, right? J Drinks were everywhere too- waiters serving soft drinks, canned beers, Tanduay Ice, and Brandy. The drinks undeniably added some twists… J

It felt good to see Jon and my relatives altogether for the second time that evening. I can really say that my family and relatives like Jon. J Looking forward for more bonding moments to come! J

To my dearest nanay, I love you Nay! Wishing you more healthy and happy years to come… J Happy Birthday! J

My Nanay


mother, hun, and moi


moi. 🙂

Hun and moi 🙂

testing the videoke machine 🙂

cousins  🙂 kulang pa yan!


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