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La Union is LOVE :)

1 May

Just got back from my 4-day vacay in La Union. It was fun, real fun! I was able to discern about a lot of things and realized that there are things to be grateful and thankful for.Yes, some things happen unexpectedly, and they may bring us pains but in the end, we would have realizations that God really has better plans for all of us.

When I was in La Union, everyday was a blissful one for me, realizations and acceptance were filling me in. There was a day when I realized how lucky and blessed I am for having a loving family and relatives, and TRUE friends who will never ever leave my side (through joys and sorrows).

I know God has better plans for me. He gives me a lot of wonderful people who never stop believing and caring for me. So I really have tons of reasons to be thankful and grateful everyday.

I remember the text message I got from TL Lisette (one of my true friends who never stops caring for me) “Be strong Jam, it may not make any sense today, but in the future you’d know why things had to end…” well I guess She’s right!

Lord, thank You for guiding and guarding me. I have failed you for soooo many times but you never leave my side. I’m leaving everything up to You… 🙂 I love you! :-*

La Union, you became a refuge to me… 🙂 Thank YOU LU! ^^.

I captured over 540 photos during the trip and uploaded them via Multiply. Sorry, but the albums are set to “Contacts” only, so feel free to add me up (I will only accept invites from the people I personally know though..) Here are some of the photos 🙂

La Union Beach and Moi 🙂

the beach 🙂

anak ni Manong Fisherman 🙂

Next stop: Sagada!! I need to save up this year for Sagada, Vigan, and many more! Sana matupad ko lahat! weeeee! ^^.


Happy BUM :)

18 Mar

Effective today, I now declare myself- Happy BUM! haha! 🙂 After working for four years, I am now unemployed. 🙂

I’ve decided to leave HSBC because of many reasons, health, schedule, and work load. Leaving the company was not easy, I had to think many times and I even thought of withdrawing my resignation back, why? Because of my HSBC Family. I made many friends inside and outside the Process where I worked for 2 years and a half. I found wonderful and great people who became part of my everyday journey (THEY WILL ALWAYS BE, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ^^.)

So what’s next? I feel the need to look for a job that runs during normal working hours, MORNING shift which is not a permanent option in a BPO Industry. AND YES, I’m into Job-hunting right now. Yesterday, I passed the general screening of (COMPANY-Confidential muna… may ganun!?), the test was impossible, it was all about numbers…but I passed- UNBELIEVABLE nga..hahaha! All I have to do now is wait for their call for an interview. I just wish they’ll call asap.. 🙂 While waiting for their call, I still want to look for other options, so next week will be a busy one for me… Let’s do this! 🙂

To my HSBC Family: You know I love you all… 🙂 I will always bring the memories with me, and our friendship doesn’t end today…i’ll keep it forever! 🙂

To myself: Jam, cut back on some things muna, remember, wala ka ng sweldo… haha! 🙂

I know God has better plans for me, for all of us! 🙂

Sunday :)

6 Mar

Spent the day with Hun, Friends, Family, and food 🙂

Just want to share some of the photos… 🙂

Simple pleasures! 🙂

Good night everyone! 🙂

with my favorite people :)

15 Feb

with my favorite people 🙂

hit the link! 🙂


Christmas party with my favorite people! 🙂

Everyone decided to bring the party on at Jon’s place. It was a bring-a-plate party and everyone almost puked because of too much kabusugan! 🙂

Exchange gifts were made! Guess who I got? No one but Jon 🙂 I bought a Monkey-plastered shirt for him.

Til’ next year! 🙂

Our Lady of Manaoag

30 Jan


• with my Hun, bestfriend, Twinsister, and friends
• January 29, 2011
• left Manila at 6:00am
• literally got lost and reached Subic. We overlooked the right Exit.
• reached the church at 12:00nn
• we brought baon with us. 🙂
• had lunch at Matutina’s
• had several stop-overs. Loved the Shell of Asia
• got home at 8:00pm
• 127 photos are on my FB 🙂

It was my second time at Our Lady of Manaoag with Jon… Super happy! 🙂


With ate mavic and Kuya jojo

Lord, thanks for everything! 🙂 I love you po! 🙂

New Year, Welcome 2011

2 Jan

>Hello 2011! 🙂

I welcomed this new year with my family and relatives. Unfortunately, Jon did not make it. He spent it with his family and friends, of course, that was understandable, I missed him though! 🙂

Happy New Year! 🙂

My 2010 and Its Highlights!

31 Dec

>This year has been a challenging year for me (talking about my health), on the other hand, it has been great and worth-remembering because of the good memories, wonderful people, and my new lovelife! 🙂

  • it was the time I underwent Rehabilitation and Spine Surgery. From 235 lbs, I lost a few baggage, down to 185lbs. The Operation went well. Thanks to my Doctors; to my family, relatives, and friends who prayed for me,  above anyone else, Thank You Lord for everything! 🙂 
  • April 5, 2010: a month after the Operation, I reported back to work. I had to attend another Process Training, and who would have thought that it was the time when I met Jon. 🙂 This was also the part of the year when I met new and wonderful people (Tranche 122; Julie, Leigh, Jay, and many more).
  • Singles For Christ: I became closer to Him. I found ways to thank Him and be grateful to the Man up above Who never fails to guide and guard us with everything we do. I met new people- My SFC Family. (Hopefully, this coming year will give us more time to bond all together..)

  • May 2010: After 5 years, our Dad came back from the U.S.A, I was very happy to see him and spend time with him even for just two weeks. We went offshore and that was one of the memorable memories that happened this year. (We’ll see you again in 2011 Dad, we love you very much!)
  • June 2010: this was the time when Jon and I became officially committed. Happiness! We’re down to our 6th month now and we have gone through a lot. Everyday is a learning process for us. I know that tons of trials are just around the corner, and everyday, especially yesterday (December 30), I realize/(I’ve realized) that no matter how bumpy the road we’re on right now… I’m certain that I want to make it through with him, no one but Jon. I’m certain that I want to spend my life with him. He’s an answered prayer, a heaven’s gift- that i’ll always be grateful and thankful for. (Hun, thank you so much for everything, for your love, understanding, and your patience. I am so sorry for the things and times that I was not at my best to understand you, I am so sorry for the small and big things that caused you worries and pains. I love you, and we’ll make 2011 happier, and more memorable. Don’t ever change, because I love you for who you are and who you are not, I see your flaws but I love ’em them too.. ^^.)
  • September 2010: Jon celebrated his 30th bithday with me. We went to Tagaytay and made every hour memorable. 
  • October 2010: Good news! This was the time when we found out my ate’s pregnancy!  Wiko, tita will you soon! Be good! 🙂
  • December 2010: The happiest time of the year. Yuletide season indeed! 🙂 It was nice meeting new people- Jon’s friends and family.
my spine surgery

my relatives. i love them! 🙂
Tranche 122
My Singles For Christ Family
Thank You Lord for the guidance! 🙂
Singing for Him
Manaoag, Pangasinan. Our first picture! 🙂
Dad and Moi at Kanin Club

Jon’s Birthday!
Wiko’s First Shot :))
New found friends! 🙂
I’d also like to take this chance to apologize for all the worries and pains I’ve caused to anyone or some people. I have said this before in my previous blog (3 Quarters)-To those who I may have hurt in any how, I am sincerely sorry. I don’t know why I’m saying this, but again I feel that there’s a need to say this. I don’t need an excuse or whatnot, but sincerely, I am sorry if I’ve caused pains to anyone, I am sorry.. I really am.

Tomorrow is a new year for all of us! 🙂 So what’s my New Year’s wish. I pray for a good health for myself, my family, relatives, Jon, friends, colleagues, and all their loved ones too.

Wishing everyone a Merry and Healthy New Year! 🙂