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Bum No More! :)

15 May

Oh yes, I am a bum-no-more-gal! πŸ™‚ Last Thursday, I started my employment with the no. 1 strongest bank worldwide (makes me proud.. ^^.). The first two days were reserved for the New-hires induction. We had a meet-and-greet with the big bosses and learned tons of things about the bank. I met new people who are very nice and all excited to learn and work.

I’ve been working for more than four years now and with all honesty, with this Company, I see myself setting my mid-term and long-term goals. I know I have a very looooong way to go, but I want to get somewhere this time. I want to prove that with hard-work, and faith in Him- everything is possible! For now, I want to concentrate on the tasks I am assigned with, I want to learn different things, nail ’em and BE HAPPY at the same time! (please cross your fingers for me) ^^.

What’s MOST interesting with this new job? hmmmmm it’s very far from home… haha! πŸ™‚ Before, I could just drive from home to work for just 30 minutes but now, Quezon City (home) to Taguig (my new office) is a big “WHAT!?” for some but not for me. Yes, I find it very challenging especially when taking our Public Transportation system to get to work and back home. I’m the worst person on Earth when it comes to directions and places and I thank my Ate Mavic for being my how-to-get-there mentor. πŸ™‚ I will probably bring our car at times but not everyday… with high oil prices, and heavy traffic along C5, bringing a car is not a smart idea. (I need to find some ways to save money.. wow!) haha! πŸ™‚

I can do this! ^^.

Lord, thank you for all the blessings! Please continue to guide and guard me. I’ll see You later!:)

Have a fab Sunday people! πŸ™‚


La Union is LOVE :)

1 May

Just got back from my 4-day vacay in La Union. It was fun, real fun! I was able to discern about a lot of things and realized that there are things to be grateful and thankful for.Yes, some things happen unexpectedly, and they may bring us pains but in the end, we would have realizations that God really has better plans for all of us.

When I was in La Union, everyday was a blissful one for me, realizations and acceptance were filling me in. There was a day when I realized how lucky and blessed I am for having a loving family and relatives, and TRUE friends who will never ever leave my side (through joys and sorrows).

I know God has better plans for me. He gives me a lot of wonderful people who never stop believing and caring for me. So I really have tons of reasons to be thankful and grateful everyday.

I remember the text message I got from TL Lisette (one of my true friends who never stops caring for me) “Be strong Jam, it may not make any sense today, but in the future you’d know why things had to end…” well I guess She’s right!

Lord, thank You for guiding and guarding me. I have failed you for soooo many times but you never leave my side. I’m leaving everything up to You… πŸ™‚ I love you! :-*

La Union, you became a refuge to me… πŸ™‚ Thank YOU LU! ^^.

I captured over 540 photos during the trip and uploaded them via Multiply. Sorry, but the albums are set to “Contacts” only, so feel free to add me up (I will only accept invites from the people I personally know though..) Here are some of the photos πŸ™‚

La Union Beach and Moi πŸ™‚

the beach πŸ™‚

anak ni Manong Fisherman πŸ™‚

Next stop: Sagada!! I need to save up this year for Sagada, Vigan, and many more! Sana matupad ko lahat! weeeee! ^^.

God Came In Last Night and Re-arranged My Life

19 Apr

Most of my blog posts these past few months were about my love life, about Jon and about how happy my life WAS when I met Jon. The relationship we HAD was real, it was different from the previous relationship I had. It began unexpectedly and suddenly ended.

We shared 10 months together, 10 months of happiness, challenges, learning, and experiences. It was not a bed-full-of-roses love story, but I should say- that it was real and worth-remembering.

Last night, we decided to let go. It was hard and painful. It was something I thought would never happen to us. I believed in β€œus”, I believed that we would surpass all trials and we would have a happy-ending story. I believed- but that was it. I’d rather keep the reasons of our break-up, I respect and will always respect him and what we had. We talked for more than one hour, we were crying and we were both in pain. And, everything reached its finale.

When I decided to commit myself to him, I was happy to let my dad and family know about it. That same scene happened again last night, but I was crying- that was the only difference. I picked up our Magicjack and shared the sad news with my Dad. I was crying while telling him what happened. My Dad-who never ever fails to understand everything was with me last night (he always is). I wanted to keep everything to myself but I was dying in pain, I was crying- tears I couldn’t hide. I knew that telling my family about what happened was part of the challenge and to start off, I faced it and informed my sisters. They were good in hiding their emotions (not like me), they comforted me and became my walls, I knew they were in pain too.

Another chapter has ended. I know I have long way to go, I need to pick myself up, one by one. I know myself well, I’m sure there will be lonely times, but I’ll get by. God is with me, and He will never leave my side. He came in last night to re-arrange my life. He has better plans for me, for Jon, and for all of us. I know, in time, I will be happy again. I don’t want to dwell in the past and let hatred win over me. God has given me many blessings to be thankful and grateful for all the time. They say moving-on is a process, and yes it is, a long one indeed but I God will never fail to guide and guard our hearts, we just have to have faith in Him.

To Jon: I don’t have regrets and I will always keep all the good times we had. Wishing you happiness and more blessings to come. Never lose your faith in Him. Thank you for being part of my life. Take care of yourself!

To my family, friends: thank you for everything! I am blessed because I have you all with me. Through joys and sorrows.

To myself: be strong, move forward, and be happy! πŸ™‚

Our first picture together

our last picture together

This will be my last blog about this matter.

50 Ways to Cope with Stress :)

11 Apr

ο»Ώο»Ώο»ΏThis was shared to me via Facebook by my good friend- Mel! πŸ™‚ My favorites are Nos. 21, 46, and 50 πŸ™‚ Go read ’em and learn em’ by heart πŸ™‚


1. Get up 15 minutes earlier.
2. Prepare for the morning the night before.
3. Don’t rely on your memory. Write things down.
4. Repair things that don’t work properly.
5. Make duplicate keys.
6. Say “No” more often.
7. Set priorities in your life.
8. Avoid negative people.
9. Always make copies of important papers.
10. Ask for help with jobs you dislike.
11. Break large tasks into bite-sized portions.
12. Look at problems as challenges.
13. Smile more.
14. Be prepared for rain.
15. Schedule a play time into every day.
16. Avoid tight-fitting clothes.
17. Take a bubble bath.
18. Believe in you.
19. Visualize yourself winning.
20. Develop a sense of humor.
21. Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better day.
22. Have goals for yourself.
23. Say hello to a stranger.
24. Look up at the stars.
25. Practice breathing slowly.
26. Do brand new things.
27. Stop a bad habit.
28. Take stock of your achievements.
29. Do it today.
30. Strive for excellence, NOT perfection.
31. Look at a work of art.
32. Maintain your weight.
33. Plant a tree.
34. Stand up and stretch.
35. Always have a plan B.
36. Learn a new doodle.
37. Learn to meet your own needs.
38. Become a better listener.
39. Know your limitations and let others know them, too.
40. Throw a paper airplane.
41. Exercise everyday.
42. Get to work early.
43. Clean out one closet.
44. Take a different route to work.
45. Leave work early (with permission).
46. Remember you always have options.
47. Quit trying to “fix” other people.
48. Get enough sleep.
49. Praise other people.
50. Relax, take each day at a time . . . you have the rest of your life to live.

From conflictingheart’s Tumbler
*Reposting from @Ria Santos-Natividad

Happy BUM :)

18 Mar

Effective today, I now declare myself- Happy BUM! haha! πŸ™‚ After working for four years, I am now unemployed. πŸ™‚

I’ve decided to leave HSBC because of many reasons, health, schedule, and work load. Leaving the company was not easy, I had to think many times and I even thought of withdrawing my resignation back, why? Because of my HSBC Family. I made many friends inside and outside the Process where I worked for 2 years and a half. I found wonderful and great people who became part of my everyday journey (THEY WILL ALWAYS BE, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ^^.)

So what’s next? I feel the need to look for a job that runs during normal working hours, MORNING shift which is not a permanent option in a BPO Industry. AND YES, I’m into Job-hunting right now. Yesterday, I passed the general screening of (COMPANY-Confidential muna… may ganun!?), the test was impossible, it was all about numbers…but I passed- UNBELIEVABLE nga..hahaha! All I have to do now is wait for their call for an interview. I just wish they’ll call asap.. πŸ™‚ While waiting for their call, I still want to look for other options, so next week will be a busy one for me… Let’s do this! πŸ™‚

To my HSBC Family: You know I love you all… πŸ™‚ I will always bring the memories with me, and our friendship doesn’t end today…i’ll keep it forever! πŸ™‚

To myself: Jam, cut back on some things muna, remember, wala ka ng sweldo… haha! πŸ™‚

I know God has better plans for me, for all of us! πŸ™‚


16 Mar

A few months ago, my doctor advised me to wear eyeglasses, I didn’t buy it. Braces and another pair of “eyes” would make me a geek- that was my excuse.

Contact lens aren’t for me too, they won’t correct my eyesight, so I guess I have to re-consider wearing a pair of eyeglasses soon. Darn this headache! 😦

How Did I Celebrate My Valentine’s Day?

14 Feb

>I’m not fond of this date. It’s just a Highschool stuff for me and it’s good that Jon agrees. πŸ™‚

Well, during my HS years, I must admit and I should say that I became a fan of it. I got love letters, flowers, chocolates, and even went out for a date, but that was it. In layman’s term, I nailed it, aced it, and graduated from this HS thingy. πŸ™‚

Not to be a pessimist, I respect those people who are fond of celebrating Valentine’s day and even those who are during their “monthsaries”. I, somehow, find it sweet. It’s just that I don’t see myself getting cheezy only on these particular dates… πŸ™‚ I’m a very sweet person in nature, which means that I can celebrate vday, monthsaries, anytime I want! πŸ™‚

So how was my 02/14? While everyone was at their best get-up, jam-packed inside those romantic restaurants, pre-occupied with their sweetest surprise plans for their loveys, I was just at home and was a bed-prisoner for the whole day because of backpains. I stuffed myself with bread, pineapple juice, and Advil tablets. So there, that was how I celebrated my Valentine’s day.

Jon and I will definitely catch up on Wednesday πŸ™‚

Stay in love people! πŸ™‚

btw: I celebrate and love anniversaries! πŸ™‚ can’t wait for 06.16 πŸ™‚