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Things I learned today

17 Jan

1. Be quiet and calm.

2. Discern before you move your lips
3. Never expect. Not everyone is like you.
4. Understand
5. Pray and pray and pray
6. Don’t pray for a sign alone, also pray for wisdom.
7. Despite of all life’s challenges, never wish anyone a bad karma. God is watching you.
8. Free your mind and heart from worries, give yourself a room and time to think. Always remember that everything happens for a reason.
9. Be kind.
10. Be with people who love you and accept you for who you are and who you are not. 

This day has been tough for me. I’d rather keep the story with me, I respect the people involved. I hope tomorrow will be a better one for me, and for all of us.

Lord, In everything that happens, in joys and in sorrows, I’ll always be grateful to You, Lord. I know that not everything that hurts is meant to cause pains, some are meant to guide me to a better path. I surrender everything to You. 🙂


St. Jude’s Feast

28 Oct


It was my second time to attend the yearly St. Jude’s feast at National Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus. I came back not only for my petition prayer but to also thank St. Jude for granting my prayers. St. Jude is indeed- The Saint of hopeless cases. 

Today, I along with my twin sister and friends went to the Shrine to hear the 8am mass. As usual, like last year, the “road” to St. Jude was not easy. Struggles were everywhere. We couldn’t tell the explanation behind what happened last year and today, but it seemed like obstacles to test our faith were given to us.

Last year, when I and my best friend were doing the 9-day Novena Marathon, we experienced many tests. I could even remember that we almost fought because of those different challenges but everything was settled. That was when we realized that our faith was tested. 

Today, I brought our car. We were four. Betty (our car’s name) was running fine but when we arrived at the Shrine, Betty’s engine shut off. I tried soooo hard to restart “her” engine but I failed. Angels in human form were sent to us, they pushed Betty to a vacant lot where “she” stayed. We knew that it was another challenge sent to us to test our faith, we were very sure. We left Betty there, rushed and went inside the Shrine. We were just in time, and we were even seated on a comfy pew. I was not that worried, I was very confident that Betty would work and that we would be able to send ourselves home safe and sound.

The mass ended at  9:00am. We went back to the parking lot where Betty was. I opened the doors and let everybody in. I counted 1 to 3, and said “ready, guys?” Everyone was silent. I closed my eyes, and powered the engine on, but it didn’t start, I was still calm, and just kept my eyes closed while praying silently “Lord, St. Jude, please guide us and keep us safe…” after another try, they heard my prayer, and Betty started working. She ran from Malacanang to Timog to Lagro without problems. 🙂

After the challenging experience, we decided to go to Shakey’s Timog where we ate and shared memorable stories with one another. 🙂

Thank you St. Jude! 🙂 Thank You Lord! :))

Keep your faith in your hearts, all the time! :))