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2.4 KM Walk :)

13 Feb


  • he didn’t have his car at that time, so from work, I drove and fetched him from his place (first time, and I found it sweet :))
  • went to UP for a 2.4km walk 🙂 We’ll do this every week… yehey! 🙂


I’ll Catch up.. Now na!

11 Nov

I miss my blog! I’ve been busy lately with work, and every time I get home, my bed never fails to call my name right after I take my after-work-bath.


Let me catch up by sharing a few things that happened these past few days. 😉

•work: nothing new with it, except for the new faces. New hires are coming everyday, good job Care! 🙂

•home: our chihuahuas are over a month old na, Weeeee… they grow so fast and I and my family are now undecided… to sell or not to sell. They’re lovely, and three of ’em are long haired. We know that we have to sell them, we have 12 chihuahuas na if we’ll keep the 6 puppies pa. But letting go of ’em will be hard too.

What else?? Still about our home sweet home. Hmmmm, mom just bought a new fridge,.. Hahaha and we have 3 now, and I wonder how she’d be able to maximize ’em. She said the other one would be for family gatherings when she’d have to cook for guests… and the short one goes to my ate’s future room.

hmmm and another thing, I’m getting used to my new way of losing weight project. You all know that my health condition requires me to trim down. Jon is very supportive and he inspires me. So when we’re not together, I take a picture of what I eat (all meals) and I twit ’em and Jon sees ’em. So far so good. I have been getting good feedbacks and I’m happy!

Another interesting subject about our home “billboard” is my ate’s pregnancy.. 🙂 everyone is soooo excited for the baby. We are all her caregivers… and we make sure that she eats and rests well. (I can’t wait to see my first pamangkin na…) :))

•lovelife: everyday gets better and lovely because of Jon. Misunderstanding is part of all relationships, so that’s part of ours too. But good things always come in after some petty fights.
>we get to learn from each other.
>we both look for our work-arounds and make them happen.
>we get to know each other well.
>we become more comfortable with each other
>and the most important thing that happens every after fight is —we never go back to those issues and things that we have already worked on… 🙂

More about my lovelife?? Hmmm I’m very happy because we share and talk our future plans together. We are both excited to make ’em all happen. 🙂

Sooo that’s all for now. I’ll sleep na.. 🙂


acupuncture day

14 Oct

>Yesterday was my first acupuncture day. Left home at 5:00am so we could drop my twin sister off by the office. Mom knew that I was real nervous, so we had breakfast at Jollibee Philcoa. She had sausage and egg sandwich and I had burger steak meal. After a quick meal, we went to her office and stayed there for about 30 minutes. Prolonging the agony… I should say! We left Mom’s office at 6:45 am. Mom parked in front of the clinic and then said “o baba na…”, I just smiled and answered back, “Ikaw muna….” haha! :)) I got my MRI plates and cellphone, and got off the car.

Dr. Caragay checked my MRI plates and asked me questions about my present condition and the previous operation I had. After the Q&A portion, we went to his clinic. There he checked my vitals, my tongue, eyes… He then gave me a go-signal that I was all-set for my first acupuncture session. The first two needles hit my scalp  and the rest rested on my back and feet. I thought that I’d feel a thorough pain but I WAS VERY WRONG. I felt so relaxed.

Now, I don’t see any changes yet, but I know that it’s too early to say. I’m keeping my faith close to my heart. Everything will be fine in His own time. I want to be positive with all my health concerns. It’s not easy because of the pain that I cannot tolerate at times, but ast I always say, everything is manageable, my LBS is not deadly, and these are enough reasons to be thankful for! I am also happy that I am surrounded by wonderful people. My family, relatives, friend, and colleagues who have been praying for my wellness. Their text messages and FB comments are so heartwarming. I am also grateful because I have a boyfriend who remains positive at all times. He’s ONE OF THE REASONS why I want to get hearty soon. :))


I asked my Mom to take pictures of me but she just laughed and said “anu ba? may sakit ka nga picture pa gusto mo??” My doctor laughed too. 🙂 I just said “Ma, nag bblog ako diba?”. hehe! But I didn’t insist. So here’s another post without an actual photo… sorry! Blame it to my mother dear! :))

I’ve kissed my lumbar spine disease goodbye :)

9 Mar


I dealt with my lumbar spine disease for almost a year and yes… I’ve finally kissed it Goodbye! The “goodbye” wasn’t really good because I had to agree to three things- 1) to be admitted; 2) to undergo a surgical procedure that concerns my spine under GA; 3) to recover which means to stay at home..just at home for a month. It took me months to decide but I knew that I had to take the risks.

I had several meetings with my surgeon to help me grasp the possible risks of the procedure, I even wanted to quit the day I was admitted, however, he gave the assurance that everything would be just fine…and so I stayed.

On March 4, 2010, I was admitted at Capitol Medical Center. The preparation went well, it didn’t make me calm though. I had a 30-minute meeting with my anaethesiologist- who guaranteed me that all would be just fine and that he would take care of me.

My operation was scheduled at 12nn March 5, 2010. I didn’t get enough sleep the night before, out of nervousness… I should say! I woke up at 4:00am and gave myself a cold bath. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do enough after the operation. I stayed inside the shower room for almost 30 minutes. Soon as I got off the shower nook, the nurse went in and gave me this green backless OR gown. She asked me to wear only that green piece, no more, no less! And so I did. J After dressing my self up (if you still call it dressing up), the nurse wanted to put my IV in (dextrose), however, she failed. She had to ask her senior to do it for her, after 3 attempts, the dextrose finally hit my vein.

Three hours before the operation, I still managed to get up. I went online and left a message for my dad, and my dear fb, and plurk friends. It was my way to keep myself calm. I knew that I would definitely get by, but I was still nervous. The nurse came in 30 minutes before the operation and gave me sedatives for soothing, it felt heaven- hehehe.. promise! It was like I drank a case of Redhorse Mucho… parang lasing lang. But..but but..It didn’t make me calm and it never made me forget the event. Quarter to 12nn, the nurses from OR fetched me. I was conscious and was chilling. The nurse even asked me “ma’am okay lang kayo?”. I didn’t answer and just looked at my ate loi and kuya gel..I said “kinakabahan ako” and began crying. My ate loi had to bring me to the OR waiting area. Soon as I arrived in the OR area, I heard the staff talking, I held my arm and pinched it three times, I wasn’t dreaming.. gising na gising pa ako. I saw my anaesthesiologist and he even asked why I was still awake. I didn’t answer back. Everyone was ready except me. There was this guy nurse starting to put wires on my legs, arms, and chests. He would even excuse himself every now and then because attaching the wires/electrodes (whatever) would mean undressing my OR gown. I didn’t say anything still. The last thing he did was to put a hair cap on my head and called my anaethesiologist. Dr. Fernando asked me to relax so they could get my BP right. He started injecting fluids via my IV, I knew I fell asleep after. I became totally unconscious. But after the operation or maybe after the operation (I really don’t know), I knew that there was a time I had to shout and let the doctors know that I was having a hard time breathing. I knew it happened in reality. They just asked me to relax, and I fell asleep again. After some time (maybe), I saw myself in the recovery room, very conscious and even asked the nurse to bring me a bed pan so I could pee.

Six hours after, I was brought back to my room. I was restless. I couldn’t move my muscles, even my eyes were kept closed, my lips were dried and sealed, and my fingers and toes were stiffed.

I just prayed silently and asked God to help me regain my strength in no time. After a few hours, I opened my mouth and asked mom to give me something to drink. I knew that everything went well. My doctor came in, I asked him what happened when I was trying to shout and let them know that I was having a hard time breathing… he said that he wasn’t there at that time yet- so obviously it happened while my anaesthesiologist was trying to put the GA tube inside my throat. He asked me not to worry that all went well. I fell asleep again.

The follwing day was a new one for me. I’ve finally kissed my Lumbar Spine Disease goodbye! J I was given reminders here, there, and everywhere, and I would love to keep them.

Lose more

Drink 8-9 glasses of H20

And take my meds for a month!

I know, I’ll get by in no time. My legs are still weak but I’m sure that everything is going to be fine soon.

Thanks for all those people who prayed for me. Thanks to my family and friends who never fail to encourage me before and after the operation.

Thank you my God, You are always by my side even if I often fail you!

God bless everyone! J

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It’s Not Bad At All

4 Mar


photobooth inside room 504 🙂
bullet form muna.. 🙂
..reading this now–> Anesthesiologist just got off the room. He was here for an orientation.
..i’ll be under GA tomorrow.. 😦 I’ll be given “pampa-groggy” at 6:00am so I’ll get up at 4:30 am to give myself a warm bath before my body gets totally unconscious.  🙂
..again, thanks for all those who sent me text messages and greetings
..thanks a lot for those who have been praying for me. 🙂
..don’t worry.. kahit duwag ako,,, kaya ko toh’ 🙂

..thank you sa Globe broadband & sky cable ng room 504.. di masyado boring.. 🙂
..salamat din sa FB, plurk, tumblr,multiply, at blogspot.. nagiging pang tanggal kaba ko.. 🙂

…see It’s not bad at all… 🙂

I’ll Kiss My L4-L5-S1 Goodbye On Friday! :)

3 Mar


As what some of previous blogs say- I have been dealing with L4-L5 S1 disc herniation and desiccated discs that causes severe pain and numbness of my both legs
I have consulted seven doctors and went through lots of tests… napaiyak pa ako sa iba. I had to be on LOA too because my condition couldn’ stand the constant sitting position that my work requires…kaya lumalala lalo.
I know the risks and I’m just leaving all my worries to Him. 🙂 I’m really nervous..iniisip ko pa lang yung general anesthesia na ituturok sa akin eh nanlalambot na ako. Pero I have to be strong… isipin ko lang ang ginhawang kapalit after the procedure… at makakabalik na ako sa goodbye medicines, goodbye Mr. Pain, goodbye sleepless nights, goodbye Omega pain killer, goodbye numbness… at Hello to my old self again.. ‘wag lang sa dati kong timbang. Lol.

After the operation, I need to lose more lbs off my excess baggage. Hopefully I’ll make it to 120 lbs before June comes.

Hmmmm so this is it! Bukas na ako i-aadmit. After 11 months of painful days and nights, isang major pain na lang.. tapos na!

Admission date: March 4, 2010

Operation date: March 5, 2010 (4pm)

Hospital: Capitol Medical Center

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Makulit daw ako sabi ng mga doctors ko :)

17 Dec

>Been surfing the net lately for body exercises (losing weight also means firming or toning your muscles). I just hate how my arms and thighs look now, they are flabby and I want to tone them BUT I need to be careful, not all exercises fit my condition. I need to always consider my disc disease.

I consulted my doctors several times, and they said NO! (napagalitan pa ako..) 😦 Except for light upper body exercises to tone my arm muscles..but all should be done with the used of a chair with a firm back rest where I can lean my back. A pair of dumbbells (5 lbs each) wil help me, for sure! 🙂 i want the pink ones..

I just can’t wait to get over with this illness. I want to jog, do boxing, swimming, and learn to play tennis. I know it’s not too late to become hearty!
AJA!Ü sooo excited! 🙂

check this site and see how it works!Ü (you must register 1.2.3 and viola!)