Who’s Jam?

..i am trying to learn a hearty lifestyle now because of my health condition (it is not deadly though) Ü. 

..I am very happy with what and who I have right now. I believe that THERE’S REALLY A PERFECT TIME FOR EVERYTHING, and I am willing to wait no matter how long it takes. Ü

  • ..has a sweet tooth
  • ..loves dogs
  • ..cyberspace esp blogging makes my day
  • ..faithful
  • ..baby talks
  • ..aries is my sign
  • ..friendly & very easy to get along with
  • ..easily cries
  • ..matampuhin..
  • ..loves, fears, trusts God
  • ..sings
  • ..drinks but doesn’t smoke
  • ..enjoys driving
  • ..has a twin sister
  • ..B.S Psychology @ Miriam College
  • ..doesn’t dance
  • ..into photography
  • ..family-oriented
  • ..books
  • ..music
  • ..Can’t leave home without my lipbalm



..I’ve been through lots of obstacles, but I am very grateful that GOD continues to guide me. I AM LEARNING…. everyday! 🙂

..Happily taken… ^^.

..i blog! 🙂



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